PANDA, in a nutshell

The plateau includes 5 modules :

 Isotopy of aerosols & soluble chemical species module (NH4+, NO3-, SO42-)

 A gas module (N2O, CO, CO2 et CH4) including 2 methods : continuous measures on CFA (CH4, CO) and discret measurements (CH4, CO2)

  A chemistry module, grouping together a vast instrumental park operating in parallel and continuously from a melting pot of ice bars. This module thus allows multitracer analysis in continuous flow (CFA = Continuous Flow Analysis) and high resolution of a single ice core sample. Around the CFA system are deployed the instruments allowing the following measurements : liquid conductivity, particle counting, colorimetric concentration measurements of NO3-, NH4+, Ca2+ et H2O2, measures of black carbon, of water isotopes, quantification of metals (ICPMS iCAP TQ), and an auto-sampler associated to the CFA for a discrete analysis on an offline ionic chromatography.

 An air isotopy module  : discrete measures of oxygen (δ18O, δ17O), nitrogen (δ15N), argon (36/38/40), krypton (82/84/86) and xenon (129-132) isotopes, as well as the ratio O2/N2. An extraction line of kryton aims to analyse < sup>81Kr (collab. ATTA-Hefei)

 A water isotopy module : measures on CFA of δ18O, δD ; discrete measures of δ18O, δ17O and δD.

The analytical plateau PANDA is located :

  In the « Glaciologie » building of IGE (Grenoble), close to the clean room and the cold rooms of the IGE.

  In the GLACCIOS team of the LSCE (Paris Saclay) for the air and water isotopy modules.

Updated on 12 mai 2020