The Aerosol & Soluble Chemical Species Isotopes Module

The measurements :

PANDA’s isotope module allows the analysis of nitrogen (N), sulphur (S) and oxygen (O) isotopes of major species present in ice cores. : NH4+, NO3-, SO42-.

Measurements are made according to the following analytical chains :

The applications :

Nitrate isotopes are a tracer of snow accumulation in Antarctica. Indeed, the photolysis that takes place on the surface layer favours nitrate formed from 14N et 16O. The nitrate remaining in the snowpack thus has a higher content of δ15N et δ18O.

In the glacial archive, sulphate isotopy can be used to distinguish tropospheric (local) eruptions from stratospheric eruptions, with high climatic impact, through the proxy Δ33S. Particularly large volcanic events are associated with a very low Δ17O .

For more information on analyzable samples, required concentrations, measurement accuracy, etc., please contact us.

Updated on 13 mai 2020