The gas module

The Gas module includes 2 methods :

  • Continuous flow measurements, associated with CFA, for methane and carbon monoxide.
  • Discrete measurements of methane and carbon dioxide, which historically have provided the concentration profiles of the EPICA core over the last 800,000 years.

The measurements

The discret measurements are based on the following principle :

Continuous measurements are associated with CFA (CFA = "Continuous Flow Analysis", also used in the chemistry module), from an ice bar melter located in a cold room (-15°C) and then from a distribution of the trapped gases to the instruments.

The applications

The measurement of gas concentrations in air bubbles has made it possible, in particular, to establish the evolution of greenhouse gas concentrations (CH4 and CO2) over the last 800 000 years (thanks to the EPICA drilling).

Updated on 13 mai 2020